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  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    The 2017 Queer Films Challenge

    A film directed by the Wachowski sisters

    "The truth is, I couldn't have been more proud of you. Not because you won, but because you stood up, you weren't afraid, and you did what you thought was right."

    I usually try to avoid rewatches on challenges, but that was literally impossible with this category as I've seen every single film the Wachowski Sisters have ever made. They are, quite possibly, my favorite filmmakers. Not only…

  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns


    I'm going to watch every superhero movie ever, 9/264

    There's an impossibly moody-looking city. Penguin is reimagined as a gothic villain. Christopher Walken doesn't feel out of place at all as industry captain Max Schreck, who walks around in a fucking cape. There are huge, exaggerated emotions and motivations throughout like you might also find in a gothic novel or movie. Penguin's motivation isn't "he's a mobster, idk," Catwoman's motivation isn't "she's a jewel thief, idk." Both are motivated by…

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  • Carol



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Queer Film Challenge 2018

    Week 12. A film that was nominated for the Queer Palm award

    We can still be friends if you don't rate Carol five stars, but it will make me question what more you could possibly want in a film. Unless the answer is "for not literally everyone to be white," in which case, fair play. I first watched Carol after its Best Picture snub. I was avoiding likely Best Picture nominees that year because I knew…

  • Godzilla Raids Again

    Godzilla Raids Again


    I'm going to watch every kaiju/kaiju-esque movie ever, 11/122

    Alright. I was a little too hard on Godzilla Raids Again the first time I saw it. The special effects and miniature work are fine, the final sequence where Godzilla is buried in the snow is honestly pretty fantastic, and the movie as a whole is somewhere in the B-/C+ range. There is, however, a very steep drop in quality from Godzilla. The pacing is way too relaxed. The scenes with…

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I'm only going to talk about the Oscars here at the beginning, because this movie matters a lot more than the Oscars. I'm genuinely glad that The Shape of Water won Best Picture, and it's a little personally disappointing seeing people hate on a movie I love because of another movie that I love. The Shape of Water is also about the toxicity of white patriarchy, with the added layer of being about white cishet patriarchy, so I feel like…

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    I get the feeling that part of why people are impressed with The Shape of Water is that del Toro took the "ridiculous" idea of a consensual interspecies relationship and treated it seriously, but I have massive crushes on like... Godzilla and Bowser, so I really don't see the big deal with the concept, I'm just glad someone actually did it. (Also I think the cat's kind of out of the bag with me and interspecies relationships considering my Lord…