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This review may contain spoilers.

This had one of the most memorable trailers from 2017 for me and really the only reason I wanted to see the movie, hadn't really heard anything else about it. Just the song over the trailer that got me. I learned later its a cover of a Springsteen song, cool stuff. I actually tried to see it in a theater one time but it was pushed by some new rockumentary, ha. So took me another year to watch it. The movie ended up being pretty enjoyable, really liked our characters, thought some of the day dreaming sequences were interesting and cool to watch. I enjoyed the rap "world" they created, where there is this one overlord rapper who everyone wants to be and who isn't the saving grace for the main character. Really plays into the, "how much do you want this" theme and that you can't count on other people for your success, you have to do it yourself. Wish there would had been some kind of resolution with OZ at the end though, little weird having him there at the competition at the end and not say anything or even have another cut to him after the PBNJ performance. With that said, PBNJ's song choice at an underground rap contest was pretty awful. Should of played one their other bangers where Patti gets to murder people with the flow, ha. I did enjoy the Daughter/Mother action we got though with the song. That kind of stuff always gets me no matter how many times I see it happen. Child invites parent to climax of the story. Parent says no and that shit is stupid. Child feels bad but goes to do the damn thing. Parent shows up. Child kills it. Parent sees it happen. Child sees parent. Tears. A tale as old as time. But one I keep liking to hear. Was also a nice surprise that they used a song with her mom's record, good vibes show the respect and love between the two even though they are yelling and cursing each other most of the time. Wasn't really overwhelmed by the music thought the main song was alright but all the other ones were just ok. Wished Patti rapped more at her shows, there weren't many, but wished they gave us more opportunity to hear here rap in front of a crowd. Last thing a guy like Bob, who is incredibly weird and has some intense beats, is going to do is alter his shit to make it more palatable to a general audience. When I see that he let's Patti change his beat without saying anything knew right there he wanted to bang her. He started off an interesting character then just kind of became basic towards the end.