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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread

    When I was a boy, I started to hide things in the linings of the garments. Things that only I knew were there. And over my breast, I have a lock of my mother's hair. To keep her close to me always.

    me: Well, that was... chic?

    Reynolds Woodcock: Oh, don't you start using that filthy little word. Chic? What is that word? Fucking chic?

    Flawless. Ever-underrated Lesley Manville with another exquisite performance. What a way to go out for Day-Lewis. I still can't get the score out of my head - absolutely stunning.

    Last but not least, best asparagus scene since American Beauty.

  • Paterno


    For decades, Penn State represented what was best about college athletics. For the past week, it has reflected what is often worst about human beings.

    I won't pretend to know all the facts about the Penn State child sex abuse scandal, but it's probably safe to say that HBO's new drama got some things right and few things were missed. Overall enjoyed it a lot though I wish there was a little bit more focus on the victims and Sara Ganim.

    Pacino hit it out of the park and Riley Keough was terrific in the time she was given. HELL of a final scene.

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049

    Dying for the right cause. It's the most human thing we can do.

    Every frame of this masterpiece can be hung on the wall.

    I love the fact that it's not only Blade Runner 2, but also a sequel to Children of Men and Lars and the Real Girl.

  • Annihilation


    Well, there are two theories of what went wrong in the Shimmer. One, something kills them. Two, they go crazy and kill each other.

    Well, I didn't know I had an advanced Arkoudaphobia. Thank you so much, Alexander.

    Engaging and thought-provoking story, filled with stunning visuals. It's kinda weird, but in a beautiful way. The last chapter is the most terrifying thing i've ever seen this year and I've seen my 6 years old niece repeatedly dab in front of me for absolutely no reason.