Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

Doesn't threaten to hit the franchise's low point, but it offers damn little of what I want out of a slasher film. For what I want is certainly not a substantial portion of the film's running time dedicated to a commentary on the dangers of mob mentality and vigilante justice (a commentary which is not, for the record, "mobs are a dangerous way of feeding our basest instincts", but "sometimes they kill the wrong target"). It turns out to be a crypto-remake of the original Halloween II in the worst specific way: Jamie Lee Curtis spends all of the movie in the hospital, and much of it unconscious. Instead of getting to watch her kick ass, or even just having interesting character beats, we spend most of the movie watching random people bumbling around in the dark and dying, including two different old married couples who end up bogging the film down in distended sequences that don't give nearly enough back to the story. If the 2018 Halloween felt like a unnecessarily polished, prestige-movie variant on the 1978 movie, this one is basically the same but for some ungainly mash-up of Halloween II and Halloween 5. And despite its pre-release hype about how disgustingly violent it was, it has much less creative gore than the 2018 film.

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