In My Room ★★★

There are some excellent notions at play here: the slow pace, freewheeling use of elliptical scene transitions, and hands-off observational qualities all make for a most unusual and exciting variation on the Robinson Crusoe model. I'm not so sure about the story accompanying it. The first third is a good character sketch, but I'm very dubious that it informs much of anything in the remaining two-thirds: it seems that, since we know this is all in the same movie, we'll simply assume that there's a character arc connecting all of this, and if need be, make rampant assumptions about what that arc consists of in order to make it work. Which is kind of a neat, parsimonious way of building a story, but not a very satisfying one. I do greatly appreciate all of its ambiguities, and even if the two main characters strike me as underwritten, they are superbly well-performed.