Good Time

Good Time ★★★★

My expectations on this movie were pretty high, many people said that it is a great movie and it looked really promising. After I read a positive review from a person who compared it to be like Drive I was a bit worried to be honest.

The story begins amazingly thrilling with a bank robbery and I was instantly convinced. The movie is really entertaining over its whole runtime but has some really depressive moments too. Especially the ending was surprisingly rough and I really liked it.
Many characters, especially Robert Pattinson's character Connie, were really well written and I just really liked that they weren't as one dimensional as one would expect from a movie with such a story if you look at "mainstream" movies with such a story. Connie's brother Nick, portrayed by Benny Safdie, was also a great character and the acting in this movie from Pattinson and Safdie is phenomenal.

If this wasn't enough I have to say that even the technical side of the movie is more than convincing. The cinematography as well as the editing is really good and I also loved the score of the movie.

If you like Robert Pattinson and/or well written crime stories which aren't just a stupid action overload you should definitely give Good Time a shot.


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