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  • The Future Is Now

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  • Barbarella



    this movie has the exact same plot as APOCALYPSE NOW

  • Now, Voyager

    Now, Voyager


    ::phone rings::

    "Hello? Yes, this is the character portrayed by Paul Henreid in NOW, VOYAGER. What's that? Oh, yes, you're the doctor from the sanitarium where my young daughter is a patient. What's that, doctor? You've fired the nurse looking after my daughter? And…you're going to let the patient next door to my daughter be in charge of my daughter's care? Uh-huh. I see. And then you're going to let my daughter move in with them at the beginning of…

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  • The Future Is Now

    The Future Is Now

    Fascinating look at all of the great innovations to improve day to day living that either ended up being used to make life miserable or were abandoned entirely.

  • The Newton Boys

    The Newton Boys


    Pleasantly fine capers going on here with amiable performances if nothing truly groundbreaking going on, unless maybe it's an experimental element with Hawke playing the oldest of the 4 brothers while being the youngest actor in real life. Actually is a welcome element at the end when you see the footage of one of the brothers on Johnny Carson.

    I did the Leo-pointing-at-the-TV meme when I saw that Linklater used Austin's Paramount Theatre as a stand-in for old timey movie theaters in other cities.

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