Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love ★★★★★

Watching this so soon after this article appeared in The Dissolve, I was struck by the marquee actor names proposed in consideration for 2002's best actor: Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, fairly non-crazy Nicolas Cage, and Adrien Brody. What was missing from that list was, I think, the REAL best actor of 2002 and "should have won an Oscar" victim, one Adam Richard Sandler. No one else in 2002 came close to being the perfect actor in the perfect role for that particular actor like it does in this film. Unfortunately, this may be like Haley's Comet, something we'll never see again in our lifetime. Paul Thomas Anderson showed, with this film, that he could do quiet and minimalist just as well as grandiose and the kind of maximalist cinema he was known for at that point.

Oh yeah and Emily Watson and Philip Seymour Hoffman are excellent too.

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