Renaldo and Clara ★★★★½

Had to track down a stream for the finish as the last ten minutes crapped out at the private screening I attended, but mostly a big "wow" that something like this was ever attempted, much less by an ostensibly famous musician. Never not fascinating, with a host of interesting and unusual people floating in and out, with a lot of great interviews, while the occasional pseudo-narrative ranges from incomprehensible to irrationally hilarious. Dylan and Allen Ginsberg check out some graves, Harry Dean Stanton escapes from prison, David Blue plays pinball, Dylan plays what sounds like a ska version of "It Ain't Me Babe", Joan Baez plays multiple characters and covers Leonard Cohen, flashes of Joni Mitchell, Dylan dries his hands, and, in perhaps the movie's most memorable moment, a clearly acid-fueled Roger McGuinn sings a song that's apparently about fucking a horse.

More caked on makeup than a KISS concert.

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