Super 8

This was truely a terrible movie! But really everything was bad; the plot, the subplot, the so called "emotions", the acting performances, the special efects,...

The plot is about a few kids who witness a train crash and accidentally taped it. After the crash, weird things start to happen to the local town. The train crash released a "subterranean monster" that the army was holding.
This story just fails to be innovative and to give me something new, something i haven't seen yet.

The subplot also fails to do the same thing. Boy loses his mother, father is heaving a hard time, doesn't have time due to his job as deputy sherrif. But of course everything will be ok.
The director tried to put some emotions here but it just doesn't work, totally misplaced.

The acting performance is terrible, I couldn't seem to find 1 good actor. It seems like, as soon as the camera's started rolling, everyone just thought "pokerface". There were no emotions to be found.

The special effects were obviously fake and exaggerated. flying cars and wagons aren't easy to make so, so be it. But some explosions looked like cheap fireworks that they didn't edit at all.

But I have to admit, there was one good thing about the movie though; it had some good mystery building up.

So the conclusion is; nothing new or good in the plot, no emotions in the subplot or acting and bad specials effects. The mystery was good though.