The Avengers ★★★★★

When I first saw the trailer of this movie I thought "I don't want to watch this movie, it looks ridiculous". Then, when the movie was out, I heard some people say "Wow, what a great movie". I thought "oké, maybe i'll see it". Then the reviews were all good and I was like "I'll definitly watch it". But then someone said the words that really convinced me to go watch it in the cinema "This movie had too much awesomeness for one movie". Then I couldn't wait to watch it. And, finally, as I was watching it, the only thoughts that were going through my head were "OMG THIS IS AWESOME" and "EPIC".

This wasn't the ordinary superhero movie like "Aliens attack the earth, good guy saves it, The End". Of course Aliens attacked the earth but that's not all the movie is about. Actually biggest part of the movie is about a few superheroes trying to find their way with eachother.

The battle scenes are all about awesomeness! The weapons are awesome, the heroes are awesome, the aliens are awesome, the shots are awesome, the special effects are awesome, the humor is awesome, just everything is awesome.
As i was watching the final battle I just felt so happy. Not because New York was being destroyed but because it was so epic. I can't describe it in another way.

This one awesome movie with a good storyline, some great actors, the right amount of humor mixed with the most epic battle scenes ever and the largest amount of awesomeness ever in one movie.