Pig ★★★½

The pigs name is Brandy.

Uh, if anything happens to olive, I’ll probably become a hermit just like Rob. Nice and dirty and mopey.

I saw this with my little brother. I like how despite being the bad guy you can kinda feel sorry for for the rich kids dad. I mean he’s being mean to keep him out of the family business because he doesn’t want his kid to be like him, I think there’s something noble in that, even though it’ll never be said. 

I like that things don’t get said, because they don’t need to be. It didn’t feel too heavy handed at any point, to me.

I think it’s a good movie to sit in your own thoughts about. I think it’s a response/reactive to some stuff; Chef (I don’t like it, mostly hate binging with babish) and cottage-core (dirty in a clean way).

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