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  • Salesman



    Anyone else get Truffle Hunters vibes? 

    Amazing feat of verité - feels like a very modern film despite depicting a long obsolete profession. 

    And it’s FUNNY. Paul is confusing and pathetic and fun and empathetic. Love the supporting cast who just come across as fully organic (most of the time) despite the cameras in their faces

    Selling is an exhausting art form

  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    Can't believe how many different gangs there are out there. So many sequences where they just showed ensemble after ensemble each with their own creative flair and coordinated ~look~ ... amazing stuff. Love the sheer power and authority of the Riffs... undeniable alphas.

    Also that little worm from the bad guy gang is such a little worm he's really the perfect actor for this.

    The good guys in this movie were a little hard to root for because they, too,…

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  • Kinetta



    Saw this at the Lincoln Center. It’s always so much better to see something in the theater not only from an audiovisual perspective but also from a sociological perspective. How is everyone else around you reacting to what is going on onscreen? A collective conciousness is developed. 

    The audience in the Lincoln Center’s collective conciousness said: “Hmmmmm” 

    The ‘plot’ is a little difficult to follow. Yorgos lives and dies by the “show don’t tell” doctrine. In this, his very first…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Definitely felt Yorgos’ hand in every aspect of this film. It seems like his most accessible work yet but I still sense his sensibilities.

    The themes here felt like a culmination of many of his previous works - characters fighting tooth and nail for what they want and stomaching the consequences of their actions without grimacing (maybe setting in the past helps audiences digest this). Sexual power and it’s effect on the psyche. Emma Stone strategizing aloud while giving that guy…