Another Round

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This review may contain spoilers.

Mads M is a killer actor - but - maybe it’s a cultural thing but I really couldn’t understand where he was coming from at the beginning of the film. Is that the danish version of the man who is burnt out on life or is he actually depressed and should see a doctor? I feel like the movie took a beat or two too long to get on its feet. 

I liked that it showed both sides of the alcohol binging spectrum (and maybe everything in between) - the major highs of enjoying life with your best friends, and the super lows of pure alcoholism. 

I think this is a movie about moderation. Because of it was a movie about enjoying life as it comes to you I don’t think MM would have been drinking so much at the end as things start to look up for him. IDK! Hard to nail down amidst all the melancholy.