Kinetta ★★★½

Saw this at the Lincoln Center. It’s always so much better to see something in the theater not only from an audiovisual perspective but also from a sociological perspective. How is everyone else around you reacting to what is going on onscreen? A collective conciousness is developed. 

The audience in the Lincoln Center’s collective conciousness said: “Hmmmmm” 

The ‘plot’ is a little difficult to follow. Yorgos lives and dies by the “show don’t tell” doctrine. In this, his very first film, he leans into that sooooo hard. I dig it, but it makes for an occasional drag. 

By the end of the film you do get a good sense of who all three characters are, but their motivations are left in the dark, probably on purpose. After the movie my friend and I discussed for a long time what actually went on over the course of Kinetta. We both got different impressions and it was fun to dissect the film from two different perspectives. Maybe that’s really what Yorgos was going for. Something super suggestive. Like abstract art?

The camerawork here is a great reason to see this film. Mostly handheld, so shaky, oftentimes purposefully lazy with the focus. But it’s COOL. So many sequences that made me smile just because I’d never seen anything like it before. Is this movie called Kinetta because of the kinetic camerawork? Idk but it’s a theory that I’m content not looking too much further into