The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

Definitely felt Yorgos’ hand in every aspect of this film. It seems like his most accessible work yet but I still sense his sensibilities.

The themes here felt like a culmination of many of his previous works - characters fighting tooth and nail for what they want and stomaching the consequences of their actions without grimacing (maybe setting in the past helps audiences digest this). Sexual power and it’s effect on the psyche. Emma Stone strategizing aloud while giving that guy a handjob was so great. Her eyes were jet black in that scene. 

That scene in the woods with Emma and her boy was really cute and fun and strange. Great way to depict their dynamic. 

Bold music based more on timbre than pitch. KSD employed a similar tactic to keep your stomach from ever fully settling. 

Steady, deliberate, kinetic camerawork. The Pan and Push is alive and well in this film. Big ups to the dolly grip. So cool how they weren’t afraid to show their hand with the fisheye lens. They leaned into that shit and it was FUN. And a great way to highlight the absurd opulence of every room. Love all of the natural light and how it painted those gasp-enducing sets. How did they get to film in such a location?? 

Great editing, great stylistic choices throughout. THE LAST SHOT. Those layers. So badass. Yorgos is a rock star. 

Speaking of badass: Rachel Weisz. Performances by all three lead actresses were on point. 

Also really appreciated the sound mix on this one.