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  • The Enforcer

    The Enforcer


    It's at this point in the franchise where I question why I decided to re-watch these. I was perfectly fine letting the Dirty Harry movies just be memorable icons of my youth. It was Cool Clint doing his thing. Now it's all a bit cringe-worthy.

    After this was over I rolled right into Sudden Impact for continuity....and lasted 10 minutes before tapping out. Not gonna do it.

    I may revisit my DVD of Dirty Harry in the future, but I seriously doubt I'll make a run at the complete series again. There are much better Eastwood films, much better cop films, much better 70's films.

  • A Bridge Too Far

    A Bridge Too Far


    As a kid growing up in the 70's this was easily my favorite war film. It was EPIC, but emotionally simple. There wasn't a lot of morality, symbolism and metaphors to muck it up (ie, Apocalypse Now). Even the Germans are presented as reasonable....hell, I'd have a beer with Gen. Willhelm Bittrich (Maximillian Schell)....he seemed like a nice guy and a swell Nazi.

    Watching this as an adult I notice more things that don't entirely work. Like my rewatch of…

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  • Relic



    One of my favorite aspects of Kubrick's Shining was that his portrayal of Jack Torrance was always grounded in the idea he could just be an alcoholic abusive father. Whether the Overlook Hotel is haunted or not is secondary to the real monster within. Dads can be scary. The Babadook gave Mom an equal opportunity to be wacko before passing the baton to Hereditary. Recently The Lodge works in similar themes. Maybe there's something supernatural going on, or maybe not....sometimes…

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    I'd give all the stars available to the creative film-making on display here. The craftsmanship was really quite remarkable and refreshing to watch, and its quirky in ways that feel honest and earned.

    Something is holding it back for me in the final story and messaging though - and I can't articulate what that is. The fantastical events of the final 20 minutes are the root of it. I don't care that it was bonkers - perhaps I just wish…