Midsommar ★★★★

My least favorite part of Hereditary was the last 10 minutes. It felt wildly out of tone with everything that preceded it. An unnecessary dose of absurdism at the finish line, in what was an otherwise brilliant horror film. Aster doubles down with this in Midsummer. And then some. Paimon could very well have married a druid, set up camp in Sweden, and away we go.

Visually this was remarkable to look at. Breathtaking and grotesque. As inventive as anything I've seen in some time. A fascinating level of detail that begs the audience to take in the entire screen. The story, however, isn't nearly as unique and original as many are making it out to be. It's actually constructed out of pretty basic horror movie ingredients. The aesthetics are what separates this from the conventional.

As others have mentioned - it's oddly comic. Not LOL stuff or camp, but sequences so fundamentally ridiculous they make you wonder if this is quite possibly horrible (how I felt about Aronofsky's "mother!"). But then the love and care of the craftsmanship pulls me back in. Combined with the appeal of Florence Pugh I was fully engaged, start to finish.

Despite reservations, I absolutely want to see this again.

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