The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit ★★★★★

Other than being one of the better limited series I've seen in many years, I just want to add that this is the template for how one should make these:

1. Have a story to tell, and then END it. Don't tease me with future seasons and unnecessary ambiguity (Unless it's artistically relevant, like Too Old To Die Young).
2. Don't add filler episodes to pad it to 8, 10+ entries. This was 7 episodes, which is exactly how long it needed to be. Even 1 more would've flirted with redundancy.
3. Cast Anya Taylor-Joy if you have the opportunity. Joking of course, but she was captivating in this role.

One other note; How in hell does LetterBoxd determine what qualifies for entry here?

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