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all movies under 85 minutes for when you have a life outside of letterboxd but still want to watch something


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Every Film I Own on DVD Blu-ray 4k and VHS

kenneth twitch

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EVERY FILM NAMED in the commentary for Darjeeling Limited

Admiral G

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movies featuring jennifer lawrence that have a metaphor for climate change


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kristen stewart feels suffocated in an unlikeable family’s home during christmas

Jens Kristian

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letterboxd users, what are your favourites? 🎞

action movies from the 90s where an LA cop has to save a bunch of people on a specific type of transport and there's a big scene where a plane explodes (and also they have the exact same poster)


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films where the main girl has fallen for a charming boy who’s a different species than her and has to choose between him and a guy she’s known longer which leads to her on a plane trying to save the boys life.


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british actors get fat and spend 10 hours in hair & make up to play a balding politician in a biopic thats pretty dull and unnecessary ending in them receiving the globe that year

No Jay Home

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“Women have minds and they have souls, as well as just hearts, and they’ve got ambition, and they’ve got talent, as well as just beauty."


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