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  • The Raid 2

    The Raid 2


    I love how the fighting style in both of these movies incorporates "grab whatever's around you and throw it at the other guy." It is enjoyably dirty yet strategic, and who doesn't want to see Iko Uwais stab a man with a bottle of soy sauce?

    Anyways, it is rare to see a movie with this much ambition, and even more rare to see one that pulls off almost all of it! There is plenty of convolution and a bit…

  • The Raid

    The Raid


    There are multiple stunt people listed in the credits who have the nickname "Piranha."

    This is the end of my review of the movie "The Raid," which rules.

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  • Halloween



    ...and that's why you never put the laundry room in a separate building.

  • Tremors



    Anyone reading this probably already thinks that TREMORS is a great example of a fun monster movie. Charming characters, fun creatures, and a surprisingly airtight script that introduces and calls back elements so well, you'd think it was about Marty McFly!

    Again, you probably thought all of that already, so allow me to try and pull something a little deeper from these giant worms and denim-clad butt cheeks...

    We all make plans for our lives. Sometimes those plans work, and…