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  • L’argent



    Bresson is brilliant.

  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


    Having seen this movie since the day it was released, I always felt so underwhelmed by it. Sure the car stuff is great but the conversations never did it for me.

    That is until I recently saw the international cut on the big screen in 35mm at The New Beverly. Now, it has become one of my top 4 favorite QT movies. The thing that helps the international cut and hurts the Grindhouse version is the length. We hang out with them and grow to feel like we've known them for years. When we cut scenes out we loose us bonding with them.

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  • Endless Love

    Endless Love

    This movie is SUPER CREEPY! It's marketed as a romantic love story but when did making love in the living room as her mom watches and burning down her house qualify as romantic?

  • Boyhood



    Now, some movies get over-hyped and don't live up to it. Boyhood lives up and surpasses the hype. It's a brilliant, beautiful movie that will live on and on forever and I guarantee new generations will still be blown away.

    It's brilliant not just for the use of the same actors for 12 years, it's brilliance lies in the tiny moments in life that don't get explained ever again. Remember that kid next door's older brother who you saw only…