Equilibrium ★★★½

A great lead performance by Bale alongside some really cool shots of a movie that lacks in plot from its general ideas.

When feelings are outlawed and the law ran by gunmen called Clerics, Equilibrium shines and struggles with its basic ideas. This would have worked better for a TV show. It lacks a central plot thread until over an hour into the film. Sure Bale's character is fighting with his emotions after skipping a dose of his no cry medicine, but the whole line about the Underground rising up with Bale overpowering the "Father" dressed in white is a little on the nose without much thought. The world building is great and the action is very cool with some truly epic shots but it doesn't make for a whole story. Also throw in with at least three twists in the last fifteen minutes and it makes for a cool but not great experience.

The action is a little sparse but when it's used it is visceral and makes you automatically rewind to watch it again. The gun play and lighting/camera movements really brought a sense of originality to the fight scenes. I also enjoyed the simple shots of Bale just conveying emotion with the simplest things like looking at rain and listening to Beethoven. But the script was still repetitive and the story brought it down slightly.

A recommendation based on the action and Bale's performance.


Script - 6/10
Performances - 7.5/10
Directing - 8/10
Production Design and Visuals - 7/10
Entertainment - 6.5/10

Overall - 7/10