Point Break ★★½

Half good movie, half crap dialogue and ridiculous decisions.

Totally into the first part of this movie, I was invested in all the undercover cop cliches and getting to know the characters. The action was decent enough with a cool house raid thrown in the middle. The buddy cop dynamic of Buise and Reeves started to grow on me just enough to care even if Reeves doesn't really pass as a detective of sorts. Throw Swayze in the mix with his weird dyied beard and surfer charm and you start getting the works of a bromance film that really doesn't go for the connection you needed.

If you notice, this never pushes into the connection that is possible between the two leads. Its alluded to sure, but never goes for the heart. I never once felt that these two guys cared enough about each other for these radical decisions to be made towards the last half of the movie. It was so jarring when certain things started to happen that I was physically shaking my head and asking "what is going on?" Everything just seemed to flip on a dime. Characters reactions, whose on whose side, motives, hell even the writers started going for the cheeseball as things were spoken so out of context in the final 10 minutes. So why did Reeves quit at the end?

Very disappointing! I would rather watch The Fast and the Furious. It did this story justice.


Script - 4.5/10
Performances - 6/10
Directing - 6/10
Production Design and Visuals - 6/10
Entertainment - 5.5/10

Overall - 5.6/10