2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★

70MM, 6-track sound

Pure spectacle, sensory overload, infinite mystery. Awe and wonder stretching across space and time.

Cinema that’s bigger than the medium as we know it and operating with a storytelling methodology uniquely its own. Not merely a movie but an indelible imagination expander. In this new analogue experience, it's also a photochemical marvel, not totally clean but beautifully colour-timed with an astounding depth to the blacks and greyscale.

The cold remove of aesthetic, artistic perfection, meets the incredible technical innovation of models, motion control and moving sets which do exactly that. Move you.

It may be narratively oblique, but the elemental authority of the filmmaking is as riveting as the rattling sonic peaks of its still radical audioscape.

Like the ageless use of classical music to score an odyssey of the far-flung future, the film is beautifully of its time, light years ahead of it, and forever timeless.

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