High Hopes

High Hopes ★★★★

There's as much anger, piss and vinegar here as I've seen in any Mike Leigh film, be it the high farce framing of the nouveau riche, or the caricatured, Roald Dahl-style unpleasantness of the tackily materialistic working class.

Lots of that anger is political in nature, directed inward at the film's most likable couple, furious at Thatcher and the rightwing, but for all the talk of Marx's ideas, unprepared to effect the change they want to see.

The running theme of ageism is also deeply sad, but all this despair is offset by the easy affection, shared humor and always supportive love between Cyril and Shirley. Doesn't every man want to be looked at the way Ruth Sheen looks at Philip Davis?

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