Naked Alibi ★★★½

Unusual noir. Takes place in a lawless Mexican border town, and features an eruptive, every-man-for-himself bar fight. Distinct western undertones.

Unusual for being a noir in which the female pulls focus, but instead of being a femme fatale, is kind-hearted, vulnerable, and a target of domestic violence. And there’s nothing glamorous or alluring about the sex in this film, despite what the poster promises. In fight scenes, the interest lies not in the fists being thrown, but Gloria Grahame’s terrified, make-it-stop reaction to them.

By far the standout moment, is a drawn out dinner table scene of jealous Gene Barry intimidating Grahame and Sterling Hayden and taking sadistic pleasure in how uncomfortable he’s making them, registered in Hayden’s disgusted scowl as he defiantly continues chomping on his food.

Rescued from shitty DVD hell by this new Kino restoration. A vast improvement.