It Chapter Two ★★★½

Chapter 1 was better. Just like the original, the kid’s story is way better. This Chapter 2 is better than the original chapter 2. I’m not going to just re-hash every review I’ve seen so far (Bill Hader was amazing, Movie was too long, etc). Yea it’s true! I will say Finn Wolfhard’s CGI was funny lol. & the kids having obvious weird high pitch modified ADR was weird... but I get it. The kids grew up a lot between movies so you gotta do what you gotta do. This movie builds off chapter 1 pretty well and completes some arcs in a nice way. Stand alone it’s good, but the 1st chapter created a great foundation that just lobs an alley oop to the 2nd chapter. The 2nd chapter made the shot, but no fancy dunk. 

Movie #11 with Regal Unlimited

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