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  • Krush Groove

    Krush Groove


    I'm not going to act like Krush Groove is a groundbreaking film, but it is about a groundbreaking cultural movement as it was actually happening. So that's pretty fucking cool.

    But anyway, let's talk about how hip-hop eras and video game generations perfectly coincide with each other... I'm old enough to remember a couple things so I'm just gonna wing it:

    Early 80's: You have DJ Herc, Kurtis Blow, Sugarhill Gang, Afrika Bambaataa... silly stuff like Rappin' Duke. Like the…

  • Beach Babes from Beyond

    Beach Babes from Beyond


    There is nothing to this one. Beach Babes from Beyond is the last gasp of a bygone era. Much like hair metal, the sleazy-yet-fun 80's titty comedy had run its course and was coming to a close.

    Beach Babes... pulls out all the stops with a cast full of Marty Jannettys (less talented also-rans, in this case siblings of the uber famous) and I enjoy it but it's also kind of sad. Think about it; Nirvana's Nevermind came out almost…

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  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    Don't let Sorry to Bother You's slick, easy to digest presentation fool you. This thing is fucking darrrrrk. Normally my instinct is to criticize for being too on the nose but in this instance the bluntness of it seemed to enhance the story by the end. I ain't mad at it... but I do hate the world.

  • R.O.T.O.R.



    This box always caught my eye in the video store but this is the very first time I ever watched it. It was worse than I expected... in the best possible ways! First of all, how can a film be a rip-off/melding of Robocop and Terminator while also feeling like some sort of inspiration for Terminator 2's T-1000? A rip in the time-space continuum... it's the only way!

    They get reeeeeally silly at times but it's sporadic and probably more…

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  • Bikini Model Academy

    Bikini Model Academy


    There were bikinis. There were models. There was an academy. Probably the greatest accomplishment in the entire history of film.

  • Harold and Maude

    Harold and Maude


    Harold and Maude is a movie that I would consider the bedrock of everything Wes Anderson brings to the table. If you haven't seen it, I demand that you watch it immediately.

    Ruth Gordon is not only the original "manic pixie dream girl" but she is easily the most lovable "manic pixie dream girl" to have ever graced the silver screen.

    Don't be stupid. Watch Harold and Maude.