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  • Philadelphia


    "And that'll change again, listen."

    Demme is snapped loose here, roaring and fucking infuriated. I loved it.

    A mainstream piece that loudly reflects America as it is, a disgusting, murderous hell. In its people lie its only worth. Broken out of a display, two lawyers fighting desperately for a falsified, legal sense of justice, an empty and cold fight. And though the film takes us onto the grounds where this battle is fought, it is always at a distance that…

  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return

    I think about Ruby. Often.

    Sometimes I wish that Laura Palmer had never died. I can be a hubristic person. Like Dale Cooper, I let myself slip into horrific and unmistakably wrong thoughts. But Dale... he plummets into action. Unto a barren and disgusting earth, Agent Cooper has clipped the peaceful wings of an otherworldly angel, demanding false retribution and the restoration of death to a woman scarred to the marrow. And you see it often in the world, and…