In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★

being a snobby theatrical patron, i’m always skeptical of musicals converted for the screen. i did enjoy the further study of characters we were able to see, and i didn’t mind all the changes from the musical version; they made it work for the screen.

i could see how the magical realism within the film could be unbelievable and take you out of the moment, but what these critics fail to remember is when within a musical, the characters must sing because what they are feeling can’t be expressed in mere words, thus it brings us into a magical world that can express more. 

anthony ramos did incredible as always. with the rest of the cast, absolutely no complaints. i thought each character was thoughtfully cast. with the staged musical we missed getting to know the characters more intimately, so these actors took their archetypes from the staged version and added even more. lovely work. 

it was nice to see this on the big screen.