Scream 3

Scream 3 ★½

Two hits and a miss for the "Scream" franchise.

The highlight of the series was its self awareness and ability to subvert expectations. Apart from the unique blend of comedy and scares, that is what made the "Scream" franchise so great but this movie is lacking. It just felt Generic and goofy in parts. There are few funny moments and no scary moments at all for me. The mystery of who the killer is did not interest me and I thought the reveal was done poorly. A lot of the backstory leading up to the reveal seemed so unbelievable for me. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the series.

A big part of my enjoyment of the previous movies was the characters themselves but since some of them die, they obviously can't appear in this one and a lot of the new characters are very annoying.

The only things I did like were the pop culture references as well as the appearance of Carrie Fisher. I love her. I also liked one of the new characters.

This one did not need to be made and I just don't think it's fun to watch. It's a shame. I still like the series as a whole.

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