Scream ★★★★

This movie is way more inventive than i remember it being. I had this stupid notion that this was a generic 90s slasher but it's better than that.

There's a lot i like about it. Although it is actually scary, it also finds some pretty funny moments. I especially loved all the pop culture references and this movie seemed to have a sort of self awareness. Like it knows all the horror cliches and tries to put a spin on them. As a result of that, the mystery of who the killer is stays interesting and a little unpredictable. Neve Campbell's character is so great too.

Although the rest of the movie is great, i think it peaks right at the beginning what that iconic opening sequence. I also think, towards the end, the movie gets a little too obsessed with subversion and stops being scary.

There's a few minor hiccups along the way but overall, this is loads of fun.

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