The Favourite

The Favourite ★★½

I don't really like this. Things like the weird fisheye camera shots and the low tracking shots at an upward angle kinda took me out of it. I understand that some of it suited the movie but i don't like it. I also did not enjoy a lot of the 'funny' moments. I didn't like any of the characters for the first hour or so and things felt a little bit tedious but i did like the next hour a little more.

After the first hour, i kinda stopped being bothered by the cinematography and i liked the story more. That seems to be around the time that Sarah and Abigail start vying for the queen's affection and it was interesting. I liked how both would do anything to get the upper hand and i liked the ending.

This film seems catered to a very specific audience and if you aren't part of it, you probably won't like this. It seems like serious Oscar bait to me.

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