Inception ★★★★½

I was stuck in Limbo for a decade and could only come around to watching Inception (for the first time) now.

During the first 10 minutes of the introduction scene, I got killer The Matrix augmented reality vibes but with a twist and thought to myself, now this is the kind of shit I’m into! Chris Nolan directs this film in a manner than intrigues and captivates, for you feel afraid that a glance away from your screen would result in an important detail missed. 

I half expected to be confused at several intervals of the film, with the takes cutting from one time to another, but I feel that it was edited perfectly to hold your focus, the visual effects left your mouth agape and the cinematography was just superb. Those slo-mo shots of the kick back from different levels of the dream stage? I don’t know a more perfectly crafter sequence! The ending? Simply poetic. 

I think I’ll go put Zimmer’s Time on loop to savour this anxiety build up inside of me.

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