Black Swan

Black Swan ★★★½

Not a single thing made sense to me in that entire film I swear to god but I l o v e d it. 
Nina’s descent into irredeemable madness had me questioning every part in the film. The film perfectly captures an unachievable striving for utter perfection that had me on edge throughout. 
Despite that, I wasn’t a fan of a lot of the cinematography. It seemed very rough and industrial (aside from any ballet scenes and a scene shot in a club). Some of it felt like cheap horror movie shots at times, which took me out of the film a little. Additionally, I felt the overuse of ballet music underneath some important scenes (aside from a set few, again) made what could have been a genius idea boring. 
Overall though, it was acted and put together brilliantly. I loved the way the film panned out, and the ambiguity of the story it was appearing to weave. A beautifully told, horrific tale.