The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games ★★★½

I adore the Hunger Games book series, and though I don’t think that the movies do them any justice, this was a brilliant representation of a much loved franchise. 
The characters are presented perfectly, I was astounded at how lifelike the settings were, and the pace of the plot was just as gut wrenching and heart pounding as I remembered the novels to be. 
The only thing I think wasn’t executed well was the raw emotion of the characters. The books are so filled with the innermost thoughts of the characters, so much so that you really get a feel for who their most private selves are, however in the movie there isn’t an abundance of dialogue, many scenes are merely action or silent portrayal of a series of events, so you don’t get much of a sense at all of who the characters are. 
I felt emotionally unattached from pretty much everyone in this movie, which brought the enjoyment down a lot for me.