The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★

This review contains small spoilers: 
I somewhat enjoyed this film, however that was outweighed by the utter lack of morals of the main character. There was no redeeming moment or kindness, everything he did was out of malice and personal gain. As a woman watching this film, I was especially disgusted by the abuse with which he subjected  each and every woman he had an interaction with to, not only just his daughter and his colleagues. 
The film is brilliantly acted, to the extent where it’s almost hard to distinguish actor from reality, because of this the disgusting acts of the characters feel real and brutally vile. The film made me uncomfortable to watch at times, despite its comedic and veritably light hearted first hour. 
It’s not a film I would watch again, although I can appreciate why it is so highly rated.