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  • The Return of the Living Dead


  • Crime Hunter - Bullets of Rage


  • DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story


  • Mr. Freedom


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  • The Return of the Living Dead

    The Return of the Living Dead


    when you cackle in delight as frank demonstrates the reliability of us army engineering ; when you cheer at the call to send more paramedics ; when you woot and holler for the tarman coming out of his tank to chomp some skinhead skull, the soul of every frenchman who ever visited the grand guignol flows through you like trioxin rain through a cemetary

  • Crime Hunter - Bullets of Rage

    Crime Hunter - Bullets of Rage

    simple, well-made action -- liberated from anything that could really bog it down. goofy at times and badass at all other times. ultra-cool closeups of people reloading a variety of eclectic weaponry. does more than one hour than some films do in three

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  • Fortress


    man, if only our constant technological panopticon was mostly for the pleasure of a weird sleazy guy gooning to it all on 15 monitors at once

    fun little film. touches on a lot of surprisingly prescient worries and resolves them by blowing up a bunch of guys made out of blue goo. shoutouts to the death caesarean mooks who clearly didn't want to be stopped by a mere electronics blackout

  • The Guest

    The Guest

    starts off as a stranger comes to town, then becomes one of those films where a kid has a special anti-bully friend, then it cuts to pentagon lance reddick and the film goes completely off the rails. surreal and full of dark humour the whole way through, though.

    the "you know i had to do it to them" look on dan stevens' face as he chucks two handfuls of grenades into a diner is etched in my brain