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  • Willow Creek

    Willow Creek


    I've said many times that the found footage subgenre is lazy film making at best. I am very hard on found footage films, with good reason. They have serious problems that range from the cringey to the downright boring. This film suffers from all of the downsides of found footage, and has no upsides.

    Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, which was a surprise, and also probably the reason this movie is as bad as it is, sadly. I'm all for directors…

  • Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories

    Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories


    I won't trash this too hard because every film maker has to start somewhere and sometimes the indie pieces like this are the gems in horror. That was the case here.

    I really wish they hadn't used the words "critically acclaimed" on the synopsis. It might look prestigious, but I use these two words as a head's up that I won't like it. A lot of "critically acclaimed" horror movies I end up really hating, so those words are usually…

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  • Videodrome



    Growing up in Southern California in the 80s, I had a best friend. Well, two actually. They were younger than I was, about 7 years younger but I always clicked well with them. We had the same things in common, heavy metal, horror movies and comics. I met them at the baseball fields when I was 14. One of them had a ginormous crush on me by 1990, he was 11 and I was 18. We'll call him J.D.


  • Savageland



    This movie was a surprise to me. So many people were hyping this up, but it's found footage and for me, that's not a good thing as a general rule. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how effective this movie was at being genuinely creepy.

    A decent found footage entry.