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  • Dracula



    I have to talk about my love/hate relationship with this movie.

    The good points are the costume and set design, cinematography, Gary Oldman (who is really surprised though?) and Anthony Hopkins. Oldman and Hopkins took the crappiest script ever written and actually worked with it.

    Bad points, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, neither of which should have ever even been able to read for this movie, let alone star in it. Not that Reeves and Ryder are bad actors, they…

  • A Dark Song

    A Dark Song


    This is one of those films that I'm convinced is a victim of being in the wrong category. It's not horror. Perhaps part of the last act is horror, but this seems to me more of a thriller/drama than a horror film. Not a bad film, just doesn't belong to the horror genre.

    It's also a prime example of writers and directors trying to get more artistic with "horror" films and I think that a lot of the atmosphere is…

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  • The Conspiracy

    The Conspiracy


    Well, that was interesting. I almost forgot I was watching a movie and was, instead, watching something made by Alex Jones.

    The thing about movies, for me, is whether I find them engaging or whether I'm skipping through the movie to get to the end. The former is the case, here. I love mockumentaries, but I generally hate found footage. I'm glad this wasn't a found footage movie.

    Conspiracy theories are fun to dive into, and movies about them are also fun to dive into, even when they're not serious. I'd watch this again.

  • Fire in the Sky

    Fire in the Sky


    My son wanted me to watch this film. I was pretty bored through the whole thing. There are some great alien sequences, but that's about all I got out of it.