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  • Street Trash

    Street Trash


    I'd be willing to bet this ultra gross out, "shades of Troma" film from a pre-politically correct 80s will offend a lot of newer, younger horror fans. I saw this a few years ago and hadn't seen it in years. I was about 17 when I first saw this in the 80s. As an older, wiser viewer, I could have sworn Troma was all over this and I was wrong for the most part. Troma alumni R.L Ryan plays the…

  • Easter Casket

    Easter Casket


    I'm not sure I could watch this again, to be honest. Not that it's bad, it's just really way out there.

    Troma alumni, Dustin Mills, really wanted to make something memorable. He certainly did that, I doubt I'll forget this any time soon. Easter Bunny wants to wage war on the Catholic church because they're about to abolish any formerly pagan Easter traditions.

    The priests are demon hunters, there are actual demons, a MegaPope a la "The Great and Powerful…

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  • Pumpkinhead



    One Henriksen's best roles. The first time I saw this film, the story was completely lost on me. But, at 17, all I was interested in was the monster and the body count.

    Today, the story of the film is clearer, loss, grief, vengeance and redemption. Another thing that jumped out at me here is just how terrible the writing is for this film. The characters really aren't all that likeable, except Harley and his adorable son. I really didn't…

  • The Conspiracy

    The Conspiracy


    Well, that was interesting. I almost forgot I was watching a movie and was, instead, watching something made by Alex Jones.

    The thing about movies, for me, is whether I find them engaging or whether I'm skipping through the movie to get to the end. The former is the case, here. I love mockumentaries, but I generally hate found footage. I'm glad this wasn't a found footage movie.

    Conspiracy theories are fun to dive into, and movies about them are also fun to dive into, even when they're not serious. I'd watch this again.