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  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2


    This was definitely the least of the four films. It's very slow moving and could easily have had 30 minutes cut out of it's more than 2 hour running time. Making it worse is that this is the one that is supposed to bring the story to a rousing conclusion.

  • Stake Land

    Stake Land


    This is the fourth for this year and 16th overall review of a film that Steve Honeywell at 1001plus gave me to see. He is doing the same with films from me. This month’s selection is Stake Land, one of the two horror movies Steve gave me this year. I didn’t know if my health situation was going to allow me to get this done on time. I was in pain while watching it and I freely admit this may…

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  • San Francisco

    San Francisco


    This one made the list of Oscar Best Picture nominees for re-creating the 1906 earthquake, not for anything else in it.

    Unless you are a holy roller, the depiction of religion in this film will probably make you hate it. The priest is a sanctimonious prick who is perfectly happy to take the lead character's gift of a 4,000 dollar organ for his church, and to say that the two are life long friends, but when the lead wants to…

  • The Front Page

    The Front Page


    This is the original version of His Girl Friday. It has the same basic story and the rapid fire dialogue. There is one big difference, though. In this version Hildy Johnson is a man. That eliminates any romantic interplay with the editor (even for a pre-Code film). Overall, this isn't as good as His Girl Friday, but it's still entertaining.

    One note - the version I saw had audio that was in very poor condition. Combine that with the very fast dialogue and I didn't always understand all exchanges.