The Love Punch ★★★

I like heist movies and the concept of a retired couple pulling a heist to get back their stolen retirement money appealed to me. Unfortunately, the writer wasn't that interested in the heist itself. Whole sections of things that would have had to be figured out or solved were just magically swept aside by someone "knowing a person" whenever a problem came up.

On the other hand, sometimes they just threw in some things that were not only not needed, but were completely foolish. For instance, they've already carried out a pre-plan to get the invitations and IDs for where they need to enter and are all set. Then for no reason and no warning one of them suddenly declares there are fingerprint IDs at the front now. So in almost less time than it takes to write it here four sixtyish people swim across a mile wide ocean channel to an island AND scale a cliff to get in - one of whom is played by Timothy Spall. There was no build up, no suspense, and not a shred of believability. Just have them go in the original way as the payoff to the earlier scene where they stole the invites and IDs.