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  • Smashed



    There's some possible pacing issues which wouldn't be issues at all if they didn't seem incongruent with the beginning and end tone but I dont know if any of that really matters or stands as a real critique. This was so true to life and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is, as always, INCREDIBLE though she really got to show her range here. I can't wait until the whole world WAKES UP to her gifts and special aura. My fave since Day…

  • The Pick-up Artist

    The Pick-up Artist


    I love miss Molly so much and RDJ is my nemesis but is just a lil bit sexy in this so... LIKED!

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    Horror succeeds/is more interesting and with purpose when it's protagonists are marginalized in some way because the genre itself is based on commentary and exploration of the unexplored. For most of it's history its been white women who have carried the most interesting of horror, but as more people of color have their stories greenlit and funded like they deserve to be I'm incredibly excited to see what more amazing films we have in store. If the genre is to…

  • A United Kingdom

    A United Kingdom


    I need to write out my full thoughts on this film soon but its going to be an essay about how its impossible to approach film fairly without a knowledge of the genre the director is working in and how that makes what she does so brilliant and truly revolutionary in film. Amma Asante is so incredibly underrated because people see her as either a period dramatist who focuses on race or a white-loving shill obsessed with mixed couples (this…