Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

I tried to write a review before dinner and I accidentally deleted it and gave up in frustration. I regret being in such crisis that I have not thought of getting to this until now. As it was, I did not get to see this until late and I am now writing a late review.

Most of my network really likes this, save for people who have not posted reviews. Tasha Robinson called it dark and brooding and, while I do not agree, I do agree that it is nice how they follow so much of the grief and loss from the end of Infinity War, which was so abrupt and stunning but not emotionally resolved in any satisfying way.

I really like how Thor is handled here, and the culling of the Avengers was pretty well done in a sort of sensitive manner that allowed for a graceful retirement. I really loved Captain Marvel in her own movie, but was pretty disappointed with her here. The final battle here (as in Black Panther) was a disappointing mess. I preferred Infinity War quite a bit on that score because it showed enough vantage (in spite of excessive CGI) to give a sense of the battle and the flow of the action and the meaning of all of the parts. This was much more like battles in Shakespeare, which are done purely for dramatic effect but convey no sense of the wider battle in any sort of context. If the whole thing is going to be computer-generated anyhow, at least give us a sense of the big picture.

I am writing this because I finally saw Spider-Man: Far from Home this morning and the post-Endgame action of that movie draws a lot from the events of this movie so I was thinking about it.

Here is to hoping that my work flow will become more natural sooner rather than later so I can watch a normal number of films and review them more or less as they come.

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