Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

We saw the original French movie "Le Convoyeur" when it came out in Korea and then I rented it again on video. I saw it in French with Korean subtitles and that was about 16-17 years ago so I cannot remember it too clearly. I do recall enjoying it and that it felt grittier than the usual Hollywood action/thrillers.

I was riding high on the Gentlemen, expecting this to be something more Guy Ritchie-ish like that. I went on my own and enjoyed the Jason Statham action but also felt disappointed in a Hollywood remake of a French movie sort of way where a lot was punched up in Hollywoodish ways to lose the gritty French version while also sacrificing the pure Guy Ritchie-ishness.

I was entertained and had a good time and will see this when it comes to TV, but I still feel a level of disappointment at it not being the Gentlemen, which is more fault than that of the movie.

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