The Three Treasures ★★

Everything feels so stitched together, that it's like you're watching 3 movies simultaneously, because the writing and directing is just all over the place. And characters are really, really bland. They all look and act the same, and you can never tell who's supposed to be who. I never thought I'd actually say this, but Toshiro Mifune is not interesting in this movie. You might as well just replace him with a kitchen shelf and you'd hardly even notice.

There are so many scenes that feel like filler, and honestly don't even add anything to the movie. They should've just done a trilogy, or a collection of short stories. On top of it all, this movie is 3 hours long.

As for things I did like:
•The production design is pretty awesome
•The Orochi fight is really entertaining when you consider how ambitious it must've been for the time

... and that's about it.

Just watch Yamato Takeru (1994).