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  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    watched today to commemorate my enduring love for sam winchester, who died today or whatever idk i haven’t watched the show in years, but rip my dude </3 also it’s rly ironic considering how anti sex jason is that he is the sexiest thing about this movie. oh to realise u have become the thing u hate......

  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate


    something i need to admit to u all........ i am gay.

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  • Hot Girls Wanted

    Hot Girls Wanted


    literal real life amateur porn stars: i was hurt and scared and i regret it

    men: wow i can't believe this one sided sex negative garbage, how dare they try to make me feel guilty next time i wanna jerk off to teenagers

  • The Roommate

    The Roommate

    the cast! the acting! the fashion! the homophobia! classic!!