Housebound ★★★★½

oh my god this was so good. absolutely hilarious, creepy af, surprisingly violent at times, all with this very unamerican style that reminded me a lot of irish black comedy a film with me in it. it was everything a horror-comedy should be, balancing the two tones perfectly. perhaps a little heavier on the latter, but when it came to building the tension it did its job, and there were some scares that actually made me yelp.

it's also impossible not to mention morgana o'reilly, who is priceless and endlessly watchable as lead. she and her supporting cast keep all the characters/interactions grounded, even in the increasingly campy scenarios. i also loved the storyline, one you don't get to see in much horror today and ultimately played on some of my worst fears. and even all that aside, this is just a really fun viewing experience. watch it. love yourself.

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