It Follows

It Follows ★★★★½

brilliant opening concept that doesn't rly know how to wrap. protagonists in a fishbowl, detached from any outsiders, other friends, family, and police. maika monroe. that soundtrack.

it was hard for me to not compare this to the guest. that same kind of hypnotic viewing experience that leaves me not really knowing what to say. both with fairly simple storylines that kind of take a back seat to gorgeous visuals and songs. both with messy third acts that leave you somewhat unsatisfied but still wanting more.

ironically both also gave me strong terminator vibes, it follows obviously in a completely different way, but it's that same kind of threat: something's coming for you, and it's slow, but you know it's never gonna stop, and there's no doubting what'll happen when it catches you.

it's been a long time since a horror movie actually scared me like this in such a fight or flight, oh shit i'm gonna throw myself over the back couch to get away kind of fear. this was honestly one of the most stressful viewing experiences of my life. i'll struggle to sleep tonight. i loved it.

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