The Cloverfield Paradox ★★½

jesus christ....this has got to stop. this taking random ass scripts, slapping cloverfield in the title, forcing a dumb ending, and calling it a series? it’s not working. it’s ruining what could’ve been much better movies for no reason.

having said that, i tried to enjoy this as a standalone and even then it wasn’t great. it was fun, fantastic cast, some decent body horror type stuff, and i even cried a tiny bit over the stuff w ava and her kids. miss mbatha raw is just too powerful. it fell apart eventually tho ofc. the last half hour, supposedly the climax of the film, was so boring. that blonde gal was clearly in love with ava and even that wasn’t enough for me.

my dumb ass also got sucked in to trying to understand how this supposedly links in to the original cloverfield, which we know is pointless. made myself angry for no damn reason.

i guess how we all feel about this movie, or any movie, depends on the standards we’re holding it up against. for a netflix movie? yeah, alright. for a cloverfield movie? a joke. a standalone? watchable. for a theatrical release?? thank god they had the foresight to not go there.

they really should’ve just....left it at the first one. i remember when they talked a sequel originally the idea was just another found footage in the same city, of the same incident, with just a different group of people. i would’ve loved that. i love and have watched every single paranormal activity movie multiple times, do i look like i need originality in my life lmao. i just wanna enjoy what i know i enjoy.

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